The following recordings have been released on CD. Most are on sale in Greece but it is difficult to obtain them internationally. Some MP3 files are already available on this site. More will be added.
Symphony No 1 (Sofia Philharmonic/Obretenov Chorus/Fidetzis)

Symphony No 1 (ORF Symphonieorchester/ Wiener Singverein/Caridis)

Symphony No 2 (Bulgarian RTV Orchestra & Chorus/ Fidetzis)

Piano Concerto (Greek Radio Orchestra/ Kalomiris/ Kalomiris)

Violin Concertino (Rheinland Youth Orchestra/Demertzis)
Mother’s Ring (opera) (2 CDs, Sofia Philharmonic/Daras)
Protomastoras (opera) (2 CDs, USSR Cinema Orchestra/ Khatchaturian)

Magic Herbs (song cycle) (Tonkunstler/ Evangelatos/ Caridis)

Piano Trio (Evnouhidou/Demertzis/Fidetzis)

Various piano works and Oblivion (song)  (Garoufalis, piano/Hatziano, mezzo/Athens Quartet)

The Rhapsodies and Symphonic Poems – Russian State

Symphonic Capella, (Fidetzis/Kaloutsa/Kotamanidou)

Quartetto Quasi Una Fantasia (Krithari,harp/Gadedi,flute /Argyropoulos,oboe/Vatikiotis,viola)

Evening Legends (lieder) (Hatziano/Karra)

There are also non commercial recordings of the Greek Suite,  Symphony No 3, PALAIOLOGOS, and some other works available to researchers through  the Manolis Kalomiris Society.

Please address general enquiries to the webmaster. You can also email LYRA Records

LYRA the Greek record company ( is the producer of most of the CDs on the left with the exception of the Rhapsodies and Symphonic Poems which have been released by PHORMIGX ( Some recordings such as the TRIO have been included in subscription editions available only as part of a collection.

LYRA exports its records  to the major international markets. It does so through general shops ill qualified to sell classical records. It has now also set up an e-shop at In March 2001 it was still in an experimental phase, slow, unfriendly and cumbersome and the categories were confusing. Kalomiris does not appear under “Greek composers” but under “classical” and there is no way to find a complete listing of his recordings. The persistent customer may succeed in purchasing some CDs even if he has to email the company directly (